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Training start date : Aug. 8, 2022 untill Aug. 12, 2022


Location name : Classe virtuelle
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Our CISSP training prepares the student to the exam to become a Certified Security Expert from the ISC2 (International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium). The certification ensures the owner has a broad knowledge of the security matters and he/she keeps his/her knowledge up to date. The certification is world wide recognized as a foundation for any Security Expert.

ISC2 defines a Common Body of Knowledge (CBK ®). The CBK defines what a Security Professional should Master in every one of those 8 Chapters. The CBK defined chapters and required knowledge is defined upon what every Security Experts need to know for his/her day-to-day work. The Certification allows to standardize those knowledge. ISC2 requires more over to the CISSP certification owner to keep his/her knowledge up to date to retain his/her certification. The CBK covers not only theoretical aspects a Security Professional needs to know but also the also more practical details a Security Professional will encounter in his/her everyday job.

Our CISSP training is fully independent of any product or organisation, giving our student a true unbiased training.

Your pace

Depending of the session (one group is not another one) the training may be complete in 4 days and we are left with one full day of practice or Q&A.

Other arrangement have been found depending of the Customers.





There is no specific requirement. However a good 2-7 years experience in IT (and or in IT - Security ) really helps to understand all the concnpts.


The training goes over the 1.200+ pages of the CBK book (official CBK ou "Official Study Guide" ).

Trainees will have to do the memorization work by themselves.



After the training ...

Students can always ask / call but the true nature of the CISSP is that ISC2 holds the questions and their style confidential.

Material provided

Every students receives either the Official CBK book plus a set of slides or an equivalent book (we recently decided not to go for the official book as it is really a terrible one to study).

Detailled program

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